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Centerm Products

Picture Classfication Model Features VDI Solution CPU Weight Memory/Storage/OS Price
Thin Client C92 Dual Display Citrix/Vmware/RDP intel J1900 Quad Core 2.0GHZ 0.55 kg 2-8G DDR3L/8-128G SSD/Linux or Win10 IOT $99
Thin Client F510 Promotion 4K resolution with optional DP. Citrix/Vmware/RDP AMD GX218GL Dual-Core 1.8GHz 0.5 kg 2-8G DDR3L/8-128G SSD/Linux or Win10 IOT $99
Thin Client F620 Real 4K. M.2 storage. Dual Display. Citrix/Vmware/RDP intel J4105 Quad-Core 1.5 GHz 0.51 kg 4-16G DDR4/32-256G SSD/Win10 IOT $99
Thin Client D620 Triple display. Real 4K. Full peripheral. Support dual storage (HDD+SSD), M.2 storage. Citrix/Vmware/RDP intel J4005 Dual-Core 2.0 GHz 1.2 kg 4-16G DDR4/32-256G SSD, up to 1TB HDD supported/Linux or Win10 IOT $99
Zero Client C71 Support high resolution 3D graphics and HD media. Teradici PCoIP Teradici PCoIP Zero Client 0.6 kg N/A $99
All in One V660 21.5 inch, i3 CPU and DDR4, support M.2 Citrix/Vmware/RDP i3 Dual Core 3.7GHz 3.9 kg 4-16G DDR4/32-512G SSD/Win10 IOT $99

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