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Getting Help

Getting help with Python

Python, much like powershell has an interactive help console compiled with the python installation. To use the inbuilt help, type the help method "help()".


In help type import to find out what the import command does
Help import

To scroll in Python, you will see a –More – footer. Press spacebar to skip by page where the page break is the – More – footer of the output.

To exit help type quit


Full Help

To get further help on using Python, you may first instinctivly use google to search your query or may even use websites such as stackoverflow to ask a question to perform a task. We recommend you instead use the Official Python blog. This is as the Python blog is more up to date with current methedologys to completing tasks and Python has evolved into a new versions.
To view out the official Python blog on using Python on Windows browse to URL

Python Versions

When looking during help you will note that some commands do not apply and work in your current shell. Python is currently on version 3 which uses different command from legacy Powershell. Most Python webpages and help articles written to date all advise on how to use legacy Python commands. Two major versions of Python are currently in active use: Note that Python 2 commands may still be used in Python 3 by importing the Python 2 legacy commands module. The full documentation on how to perform may be found on the official Python documentatin.

Python Version Timeline

Version Release Date
Python 3.x 3.7 2018-06-27
3.6 2016-12-23
3.5 2015-09-13
3.4 2014-03-17
3.3 2012-09-29
3.2 2011-02-20
3.1 2009-06-26
3.0 2008-12-03
Python 2.x 2.7 2010-07-03
2.6 2008-10-02
2.5 2006-09-19
2.4 2004-11-30
2.3 2003-07-29
2.2 2001-12-21
2.1 2001-04-15
2.0 2000-10-16

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