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In no way are the following resource links for learning more about Python under any endorsements by Posh Python. They simply provide the reader the best learning resources for them to continue on with their learning development with topics not covered in whole by this website. 

It is recommended that a user proceeds with learning further using the resources discussed to get a complete grasp of any missing knowledge and do discover how other programmers would use Python out in the real world. 

The best ways to learn Python are online through Interactive courses. As Python is lightweight, many websites that teach Python implement online shells for you to interactively use and play along with learning tutorials.


Learn Python the Hard Way -Zed A. Shaw, Nov 2013, 320 pages
The definitive book on learning Python. If you are looking for a source guide compendium to take you form an entry level understanding of Python programming, object oriented programming and high level languages to an confident advanced user in one book, then this is the book to read.


Official Python Beginners interactive exercises -
For Beginners , this website contains a beginner course from the official python developers.

Official Python Blog -
For advanced users, the official Python 3 documentation contains all up to date references to the Python programming language.

And More

Finally Posh Python continually aims to provide our students with face to face care and attention in growing to full-fledged Python programmers. We invite users to come along to our Meetup sessions, held in Sydney, 2000, NSW, Australia that are free to attend and have Posh Python staff teaching up to date PowerShell news and helping fix scripts of our viewers. Please visit the Meetups page for more info. 

References official documentation -