Posh Python offers courses in PowerShell, Python, Automation and A.I. with on-line and physical face to face classes in Sydney, Australia.

We maintain the best standards in teaching technology with the ability for students to come out able to develop complex automated Artificial Neural Interfaces and models to develop complex human like behavioral systems.

We maintain a guarantee that students completing courses at Posh Python will only pass when demonstrable that enough knowledge is passed from Academy to Intellectual. Supervision will safeguard the ideals of Posh Python that students will work hard and able to create near Turing systems before the leave the school.

If your not sure which courses to attend then get in touch with our team by sending us a message on the Contact us page for free information and consultation services provided by us.


Learn the basic through to advanced aspects of PowerShell. Learn to administer PowerShell language for a large variety of tasks from User/Server management, reporting, scripting & automation through to web and software development.

Course hours: 60    Start Here


Learn from Basic to Advanced programming in the Python proramming language. Be confident learning this course will teach you everything from design of basic scripting, software development through to complex modeling of data science and operating system development.

Course hours: 60    Start Here


Learn from Basic to Advanced development of Automation in the workplace from Voice activated systems, autonomous systems, complex autonomous networking, IoT, Supply Chain Operations management through to real world use case applications such as; Home, Workplace, Education, Health care, Government and Military.

Course hours: 30    Start Here

Artificial Intelligence

Learn from Basic through to Advanced applications of Artificial Intelligence to develop complex self teaching algorithms of Machine learning autonomous systems. Be confident learning this course will teach a novice everything they require to deploy smart powered complex systems capable self managing organisational tasks.

Course hours: 30    Start Here