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Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa setup

1) Buy a Raspberry pi and the add on motion module, plus a cheap 3.5mm speaker and USB microsophone and portable battery pack.

2) Pickup a book on learn Raspberry pi - e.g. Learn Raspberry Pi 3 in Easy Steps it will teach you Python from a baby to basic level.

3) Watch a YouTube video teaching how to put Alexa on Raspberry pi e.g. -

You will need to create a free Alexa Developer account from here - and also set a static IP on your device.

On the Raspberry Pi you will need to connect and setup the Microphone and speaker hardware and drivers.

You will need to setup your Alexa device by following the bellow GitHub repositories to install Amazon Alexa onto your Raspberry Pi by following the following website URL:

4) Once setup and Alexa is working, create a google sheets with some columns and headers for questions and answers e.g. column policy, row named reset AD password. then column 2 is procedure, row 2 is the procedure "Fill with any txt for now"

5) Learn some basic PHP from in a single day and host it online on an AWS free EC2 instance with something like IIS, or even LAMP on a Linux box (Whatever your comfortable with).

6) Save the google sheet or excel doc with questions on the EC2 instance (Online server) and install MySQL or a database language to connect to it through a PHP simple web request page.

7) Create an Alexa skill that connects to that PHP web request.

8) Test by talking to your Alexa, then talk asking for that skill name you created. The PHP Web request should connect to the Google Sheet page, or MySQL database depended on how you store your questions for scalability reasons. then output the voice result. Done.

9) Next steps? go back to and learn Machine learning, then learn Regression testing from the Wikipedia page.

10) Play around with Python data modelling, by manipulating a few simple excel sheets with random numbers.

11) Behold your own A.I. system.