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Centerm - Worlds best Thin Client

Centerm thin clients are the perfect devices for connecting to visualization hosted platforms such as Windows Hyper-V, VMware and Citrix.

They're a low power consumption and cheap cost device for organisations looking to deploy zero/thin client desktop hardware to users. They work by using the operating system of the remote host through which it connects to such as a Windows server through Citrix XenApp saving on operating system desktop licenses and utilising the hardware performance of the remote server.

Organisations wishing for a simple to use, low maintenance and secure device to deploy to staff and users without the costly deployment of traditional Desktop and laptops will benefit immensely from Centerm Thin Client hardware.

JAMF Pro - Apple's MDM platform

Mobile device management is a tedious but necessary task when managing large scale deployments and maintenance of multiple mobile devices. JAMF Pro provides an Apple dedicated MDM platform for mass scale management of all Apple devices.

By enrolling all Apple devices into JAMF in an organisation you can have a central shared web portal either on premise or cloud to manage all factors of Apple hardware, from changing wallpapers, to installing Aps remotely, to locking down settings and content for certain age groups such as in an education environment.

JAMF provides a free online Administration guide to using its MDM located here, and if you yourself manage Apple in an organisation JAMF Pro provides the perfect software suite to manage all things Apple.

Biometrics - Subdermal Implants

IT security is a black hole field in the minds of most Tech users. Businesses have risen to meet the demands of training users on Security. Biometrics is a field associated with using the human body

As a means to access Technology and interact with the surrounding world. Many users have optioned to be implanted with subdermal implants as a means to keep secure chips embedded under the human skin for Access Controls.

Dangerous Things is a commercial leading expert in developing and marketing implantations to the general public. Check out the 101 of commercial implants and take time to familiarise yourself with the "know how" of Biometrics.

Posh Python provides Automation and Artificial Intelligence Technologies to the global audience

Posh Python fulfills the fundamental through to advanced aspects of Information Technology through an online platform. All resources & hardware discussed on this site result in accumulating to provisioning Automation and A.I. in the real world.

Customers that methodically read on each topic and deploy purchased hardware can learn to create and implement vast networks, databases, software and autonomous systems through to smart systems powered by A.I.

Each topic aims to provide customers with procuring knowledge of application of each technology and its leveraged use through Automation and Artificial Intelligence. With this knowledge complex structures of IT use can be applied to broad fields of employment from Education, Hospitals, Private organisations, through to Military and Government.

What set's Posh Python out among competitors is the researched and applied techniques and hardware for implementing Artificial Intelligence to self-manage broad systems autonomously designed to remove human input from the Technology design, deployment and management of any system.