Australia's Automation & Artificial Intelligence, IT Service Provider

From PowerShell to Python, Automation to A.I. Servicing everything technology from Automation to Artificial Intelligence. Posh Python fulfils the fundamental through to advanced aspects of Information Technology. We provide specialist services in educating, consulting, engineering and sales of Information Technology hardware. Instituted domestically we provide the physical and logical integration services between the ever encompassing vastness of Information Technology in a consumable way to the global audience. If you want to be the coder you wish to be, run your orgranisation autonomously or model complex behavioural machine learning algorithms for business intelligence for your business then we can help you.

Our Consultation, Engineering, Design and Development services provide

We provide services for sole, single, medium through to corporate enterprise for IT Consulting. We range from developing applications, software, websites, networks, infrastructure, physical site location setup's, through to IT Support, managed helpdesk, meeting room and communication/PABX deployment. We provide services in reporting, patent and trademark IT legal assistance, content writing form system handovers, and service catalogues, licensing and budgeting assistance, CRM & ERP development and deployment of complex databases and api services through to penetration testing, security hardening, IT Training on governance and application systems while providing either a virtual or physical site presence with an always available localised or virtual IT Team. We travel all over Australia to provide remote system support all under our budget along with free consultation services provided before work is done.

Our Education, Certification and Training services provide

Posh Python offers in house and online proctored examinations and courses on major certification provers from Axelos through to Microsoft. We provide tailored training services and courses on major technology provider solutions from programming to project management courses and tailored training on Technology.

All resources & hardware discussed on this site result in accumulating to provision Automation and A.I. in the real world. We provide onsite and offsite face to face and virtual training to end users in complex topics ranging from software, hardware, networking and Information Technology with an open source knowledge platform. We focus on the core aspects of Automation and Artificial Intelligence from the design of a shell, the runtime environment, modules, kernels and libraries through to supply chain and software methodologies, software development, interaction, cloud computing and automation tools.

Users that methodically read on each topic and deploy associated hardware can learn to create and implement vast networks, databases, cloud environments, software and autonomous systems through to smart systems powered by A.I. We aim to simplify the understanding of Machine Intelligence by building the foundation knowledge on Programming, Infrastructure ,automation, Machine learning, Data Modeling, Philosophy, and examples and its relationship to an Artificial Neural network.

Each topic aims to provide customers with procuring knowledge of application of each technology and its leveraged use through Automation and Artificial Intelligence. With this knowledge complex structures of IT use can be applied to broad fields of employment from Education, Healthcare, Private organisations through to Government and Military applications.

Our Technology and Computing retail products for sale include

We deal with providing a focussed niche in sales of Automation and Artificial Intelligence hardware the first dedicated retailer of Turing building systems hardware catalogue range in Australia with complete free instructions on building autonomous systems. This includes, Smart devices, Voice Devices, Big Data Storage, Thin Clients, and IoT computers and micro-controllers.

Why us?

What ultimately set's Posh Python out among competitors is the researched and applied techniques and complete hardware offerings for implementing best practice principles of Automation and Artificial Intelligence to self-manage broad systems autonomously designed to remove human input from the technology design, deployment and management of any system via our provided services. We trawl and engineer our own patents via the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) registry for being Australia's only private non higher education institution, military or government affiliated, patent to consumer provider of Automation and A.I. services. We maintain strict government and ISO standards for data privacy, protection and security and maintain vigilance on customer data privacy. We do not share or affiliate data with third party sources without consent, and retain Australia as our primary headquarters for the foreseeable future.