Why us?

We are Australia's first Automation & Artificial Intelligence Academy, and we have the knowledge to help You.

Posh Python fulfills the fundamental through to advanced aspects of Information Technology through an online platform. All resources & hardware discussed on this site result in accumulating to provisioning Automation and A.I. in the real world.

Users that methodically read on each topic and deploy purchased hardware can learn to create and implement vast networks, databases, software and autonomous systems through to smart systems powered by A.I.

Each topic aims to provide customers with procuring knowledge of application of each technology and its leveraged use through Automation and Artificial Intelligence. With this knowledge complex structures of IT use can be applied to broad fields of employment from Education, Hospitals, Private organisations, through to Government and military.

What set's Posh Python out among competitors is the researched and applied techniques and hardware for implementing Artificial Intelligence to self-manage broad systems autonomously designed to remove human input from the Technology design, deployment and management of any system.

We are?






Happy Clients



Timeline & Vision


First profit / loss report to be generated. First round funding for branding goals through Kickstarter. Business to focus all profit on contributors and marketing outreach.


Started first official classes. Started sale of information technology hardware. Second full-time employee to be announced.


poshpython.com website created. First full-time employee hired. Office in Alexandria, Sydney, Australia setup.


Posh Python was founded. First free meetup groups run in Sydney in Tumbalong Park open to public.